About the Blog

Two years ago, we decided to create this blog as a way to chronicle our experiences, for fear of otherwise not remembering (and ultimately having another summer pass with nothing to show for it).

The brewery tour idea started because of an offhand comment from Julia’s boyfriend, and an even more offhand comment from her boss. And since Lisa is game for anything involving beer, these offhand comments turned into the greatest and probably most planned and well-executed plan either of us has ever done.


Julia’s Boyfriend: You know what I want to do before I move home? Go on a brewery tour. It’s on my list of things I haven’t gotten to do while living here.

Julia: Yeah! That would be really fun! Did you know that Colorado is known as the Napa Valley of beer? We have tons and tons of small breweries and local beers.

Julia’s Boyfriend: We should definitely go to at least one.

A few days later…

Julia: So Alex and I were talking about going on a brewery tour. Want to go?

Lisa: Yeah! That would be fun! But there are so many to pick from. Too bad he’s leaving and we only have time for one.

Julia: Well, WE aren’t leaving. WE don’t have to pick just one. And with the summer, we’ll have ridiculous amounts of free time anyways.

Lisa: And drinking with a purpose makes us seem classy.

Julia: Instead of just people who like to be afternoon drunk.

The next day…

 Julia’s Boss: What are you doing this weekend?

Julia: I’m thinking about going on a brewery tour.

JB: Those are really fun. My friend and I once did 25 over about 4 months.

In a text message that afternoon

Julia: Lisa, my boss said she went to 25 breweries last summer.

Lisa: I bet we can do 30.

So with that, our personal challenge of going to 30 breweries this summer was born. We quickly realized that this was an unattainable goal, and extended our challenge to last as long as we like.

Now, here we are, two years later, not a lot wiser but with more damaged of livers. The number of breweries in Colorado continues to multiply (which is awesome). Click here to see a list of the breweries and links to our posts.

After each brewery visit, we’ll share the beers we tried, which ones we liked best and whatever else happens along the way. We hope that you’ll find it informative (and fun) and hopefully it will inspire you to check out some of the breweries for yourself!




One Response to “About the Blog”

  1. Aaron November 7, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    Keep posting, I like the blog. Also, I will be in the Denver area next week if your interested in joining me at a brewery or two. I use to live in Boulder so know a few of the brewers.

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