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I have a Disney shirt. I wear it when I don’t want to get laid. (TWISTED PINE, Boulder, CO)

10 Aug
Going to CU for 4 years meant that we have become familiar with several of the small liquor stores in Boulder, and even if they didn’t carry a lot of craft beers, we would always notice the Twisted Pine as we passed it over for our 30 rack of Keystone Light. So, on a weekday night, we decided to take a trip up to Boulder to go to the Twisted Pine Brewery.

The taps are really cool- they're all made from Twisted Pine

We ended up getting there about an hour before closing, and besides the hillbilly party happening on the front patio, the place was deserted. After apologizing to the bartender for coming in so late and promising to be gone before it closed, we awkwardly took a seat at the table and ordered one of the larger samplers we’ve seen at a brewery.


What’s nice about the taproom is that not only are there generally specials going on most nights, but they also have a food menu. Sadly, there was no specials nor food the evening we were there (because it was so late). Dan looked like he was about to murder me and Lisa when our waitress informed us of the food situation, since the only reason he went was because we promised him a meal.
Instead, he had to settle for chips and salsa, which he ate as though his life depended on it.

Although, he's so skinny his life actually MAY have depended on it.

It was around this time what we realized he was wearing a Disneyland  t-shirt.

The most magical place on Earth!

This led to a LONG discussion about Disney, if it’s fun to go as an adult (its not due to the fact that there would be children EVERYWHERE), and Lisa asking why anyone over the age of 5 would wear a Disney shirt.
“I have a Disney shirt. But I wear it when I’m not planning on getting laid,” I said. And then it got awkward AGAIN. (And it’s true. The shirt is a pink tank top with really thick shoulders and I look like a linebacker lesbian when I wear it).
(If you’ve already used the “I have a headache” card this week try putting on a shirt that reminds a man of children and you’re off the hook for sex. –Lisa)
After consoling Dan that he wasn’t going to get laid that night by anyone (which almost turned out not to be true), we encouraged Lisa to continue drinking. It was taking so long to finish the samples that I started to get bored.

I hope there’s a coupon for a Disneyland vacation in here! 
Since I couldn’t drink very much because I was driving, and Dan refused to touch the samplers after we drank from them because we have cooties, it fell on Lisa’s shoulders to take one for the team and finish the beers. We challenged her to finish them before closing (which was about 9 minutes away).
15 beers. 9 minutes. Very doable. I’ll never turn down a beer drinking challenge even if vomiting is imminent. – Lisa

This was true dedication

She almost made it, and finished a minute after 9.

We attempted to get a picture of the hillbilly party, but instead ended up with what would make a fantastic engagement picture

Then we left to go get real food, and were sexually harassed while waiting at a light by a car filled with unattractive people. The girl in the front who resembled a well-groomed horse kept hooting at Dan, the one in the back kept making crying noises like a baby and we all looked horrified, especially when the one male in their car suggested that we do a lady swap.
One gentleman and 3 unattractive ladies ≠ one gentleman and 2 attractive ladies.
NO swap was made despite their repeated efforts.
As soon as the light turned green, we sped off, only to be stuck at the following light next to them again. To this day, if anyone mentions Twisted Pine the response is, “Oh yeah! That was the night that Julia was a shitty driver and we almost got molested. 3 times.”
If ever a justification to run a red light with cameras, this was it. -Lisa
Now, for the beers.

Boob Ratings

Blonde Ale – Crisp, light taste

Lisa – 3 boobs
Julia – 4 boobs

RM Wheat – Tastes the same as the blonde but with a little more bite in aftertaste which overall doen’t make it a very good beer

Lisa – 2 boobs
Julia – 3 boobs

Raspberry Wheat – This ACTUALLY tastes like the fruit it says it does ( take note Fort Collins Brewery Pomegranate Wheat beer).  This beer is pretty good for a fruit beer as long as you don’t have anything to compare it to. (Which, unfortunately we did because we’d been drinking Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat by the pool the previous weekend)

Julia and Lisa – 3 Boobs

American Amber – For an amber, this started off pretty good. It didn’t have that bitter, copper taste that ambers are known for. But it was a gyspy trick.

“I don’t hate it…. Oh wait. There’s the aftertaste”

Lisa – 4 boobs

Julia – 3 boobs

Hoppy Boy – This is the regular IPA of the brewery which would be ok had they not had their Hoppy Man Imperial IPA that was twice the beer that this one was. We’ll choose a man over a boy any day.

“That’s what happens when you get smarter. You like IPA’s”

Julia and Lisa – 2 boobs

Raspberry Espresso – This was a combination of their raspberry beer and also their expresso stout (hence, the name.) We were really excited about it, because who doesn’t love weird beer combinations? Unfortunately, the raspberry gets overpowered COMPLETLTY by the Espresso flavor.

Key takeaway from this beer:  A brewery should try to refrain from combining two beers into one even if they are fantastic standalone beers.

Julia and Lisa – 1 boob

Honey Brown Ale – Nice. Smooth. Nutty and Brown.

Julia and Lisa – 3 boobs

Creamy Style Stout – This was a good beer. It was dark and smooth and just slipped down your throat. Unfortunately, I dislike beers that have the word “milk” or “cream” in their name. Something about the texture is unnerving.

Julia: “I don’t like stouts that are too smooth”.

Lisa: “Prepare to be terrified”

Julia – 2 boobs
Lisa – 4 boobs

Espresso Stout – Strong Black coffee taste. We still have out doubts that this was actually a beer or not. If we could start our mornings off with this beer, we would.

Julia – 3 and a side boob

Lisa – 4 boobs

Blueberry Blonde – This is like eating a blueberry muffin except better. Anything is better with alcohol, especially baked goods. But seriously, the blueberry flavor was robust and lingered. And not in a bad way.

Julia – 4 boobs

Lisa – 4 and a side boob

Billy’s Chilies – Taste like a green chili burrito however it smells like butter. Anyone that’s ever ventured outside of the 3 refrigerators at a liquor store that contain the staple beers has probably seen this beer and didn’t know it was from this brewery. It barely says the brewery name on the bottle, and doesn’t follow the branding scheme but it worth trying if you’re in a daring mood. We also don’t recommend a 6-pack of these unless you have 5 friends to share them with or you are truly a Mexican that is sustained by spicy chili products.

3 and a side boob (mostly for creativity) 

Imperial Porter – AMAZING. So much alcohol but tastes like chocolate ice cream. 10.5%

Dark bitter taste. Thick like you could make pudding out of it. And who doesn’t ❤ pudding?

Barelywine (Thunderstruck) – Sour, potent 9.5%

Julia – 2 boobs

The beer was named after an AC/DC song, so Lisa drank it in a rocker fashion.

Le Petit Saison – Stella glass. Everything we hate about hefferveisen beer.


Imperial IPA – Crown Jewel. Hoppy Man. Manly Strength. There should be a warning on this beer that it WILL dominate you.

Julia and Lisa – 4 boobs

Because we liked the Imperial IPA so much we wanted to have a represetative picture of the Hoppy Boy and the Hoppy Man.


Where the footjobs are plentiful (BOULDER BEER, BOULDER)

15 Jul

The whole place has such a Boulder vibe.

To start it should be noted that this brewery had to be done in two parts. First, obviously was the beer drinking and second was the actual tour of the brewery itself. We did the beer drinking a few weeks back and then had to wait for nice weekday to sneak out of work and head to the brewery for the tour because for some unknown reason Boulder beer only does brewery tours on WEEKDAYS at 2pm.

When we arrived to sample the beer and we first noticed a few key things.

1) We were really late – this is not surprising knowing Julia

2) The parking lot is very Boulderish and makes no sense at all and almost deterred from going at all

3) What looked to be EVERY employee was smoking in front of the building which means not only did we get blog content, some good beers and a lot of laughs but lung cancer too!

Even the straws are Bouldery- meaning they're smarmy and eco-friendly. You can see how we feel.

As previously stated we eat constantly so we all ordered food. Not just any food but the most fattening food on the menu. What better compliment to the empty calories we were about to consume in beer than some of the most fat filled foods you can get? Flawless female logic. (Kind of like how I go to the gym before every brewery. –Julia)

And all of it was delicious.

While waiting for our food we were asked by one of the other non-boobed group members (no this was not a highly athletic semi-lesbian female) but one of the males what we were going to do after we finished all our 30 brewery tours and subsequently had nothing more to write about.

The obvious progression for any good alliterative blogger is to continue down the alphabet. So be prepared for our follow-up blog- Cocaine, Cooters and Confined Spaces (We felt we should continue with something unhealthy, something dirty, and a place to do all of it).

I got irrationally angry at the waitress (admittedly) because she was singing and dancing to the awkward 80’s cover band and it was uncalled for. The males decided to challenge our blog with their own entitled “Burritos at Breweries” because every time we go to a brewery with food they order burritos. In case you were wondering it WILL feature a moob rating system.

As a result of Julia dropping her pen under the table, me wearing a short dress, and her taking pictures under the table of me trying to pick up the pen with my feet we also inadvertently started the “Cooters” portion of our next blog early.

I guess Julia's not that good at cooter capturing

 At this point it also got a bit awkward when I proclaimed that I am in fact “better with my feet”. For the rest of the night, the males referred to me as “Footjob”. All jokes aside, footjobs ARE possible.

(I just keep picturing you being an evil James Bond Nemesis. And killing good guys with your feet. After you bang, of course. –Julia)

After devouring his food in record time, one of the males began staring at everyone else’s food as they were still eating.

Male 1: “Do you want some of this?”

Male 2: “No, that’s okay…” 

As you can see by the picture he had his eyes on something else he was hoping to be offered by staring at them.

"Hey it worked for everything else I stared at..."

Our guest boob for the night was Sarah Megill! Since I generally don’t get along with females – EVER, I ran out of female friends after the first guest boob, which means we have to rely on Julia to provide us with additional females to accompany us on the remainder of the brewery tours.

(Good luck on that. I have approximately 5 female friends, Lisa included. If we were doing a blog involving gay men as our companions, we’d be SET –Julia)

Yay! Fun Sarah! (we know so many Sarahs we have to differentiate them somehow)

As we started with the beers we *astonishingly* realized one of the beers on the taster we had already had. Buffalo Gold is also served at the Walnut Brewery and because we were too lazy to ask we have no idea which brewery actually brews this.

I would hope though that if we had asked they would have passed blame to the other brewery. Yes, I said passed blame because this beer is sub-par, especially in comparison to the other beers they serve.

 We also noted most the beers weren’t very cold. but we seized the opportunity as an excuse to drink them faster.

Onto the beers.

The waitress kept looking at us awkwardly as we did this

Buffalo Gold– It’s been less than a week and we still hated it.
1 boob

Cold Hop Spring Ale – Bitter aftertaste.

“It tastes like flowers!”
“Yeah. Bitter flowers.”

Julia -2
Lisa -3 (only because Julia gave it a 2)

Pastime Ale– Not bitter, smells like fruit.
2 boobs

Singletrack Copper Ale– The name serves it justice. Tastes like copper.

“Tastes like if you got a penny stuck under my tongue, then drank a beer. Maybe just half a penny though, not the full thing.”

2 boobs

Sundance– nutty and hoppy
2 boobs

Sweaty Betty– Originally excited for this beer, but then realized it tastes like cloves and rotten bananas. The bananas freaked us out. It’s creative, but weird.
2 boobs (only for originality)

Hazed and Infused– The original. It’s powerful and delicious.
3 boobs

Flashback“There’s a biscuit in this!” “This tastes like I got it in my nostril”

2 boobs

Lisa probably is smiling because she got an early start on the Cocaine, Cooters and Confined Spaces blog by snorting coke

Planet Porter- WEAKEST PORTER EVER. There wasn’t really a point

“It’s a lady porter. It’s the Smirnoff Ice of porters.”

1 boob, only because it was a disgrace to porters

Mojo Pale Ale– Wasn’t as good as Avery’s.

It PALES in comparison. HAHAHAHAHA.” -Lisa

To be fair, I found this beer was delicious and was only disappointed since it lacked the real kick that the comparable IPA’s had. Definitely a must order if you go to this brewery though.

3 Boobs

Blueberry Beer (seasonal) Kinda Blue– Tastes like tea. Would’ve been better had it not been flat and warm.
“Tastes like tea.”
“What kind of tea?”
“Shitty tea.”

3 Boobs

And that was that. Stay tuned for the review of the Boulder Beer tour, which we really liked. I leave you with this picture of my dress, which matched perfectly with my bra, making it the perfect drinking dress. You, know, just in case.

The Time Everyone Got Really Bored With the Beer (WALNUT BREWERY, BOULDER)

27 Jun
After we finished our samplers at Avery, we headed over to Megan’s to regroup and decide on our next stop. Originally we had hoped to go to at least two more breweries, but quickly decided that ending up blackout drunk on a Saturday afternoon was not classy. And with a blog title like “Boobs, Breweries and Beer” we really know how to keep it classy.

We decided to go to Walnut Brewery, just off of Pearl Street in Boulder because it was walking distance. (Damn we’re good role models.)

This was the coolest thing about this place.

Megan excitedly ran upstairs to her house to get her Mug Card (Walnut does a special program, where you get a Mug Card and every time you have a beer, you get points for it. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you get a really big cup and can fill it up for a cheaper price. If we had enjoyed any of their beers, we probably would’ve been more excited about this program).

*Side note- At this point in our day, Lisa kept claiming she felt completely fine, but had begun talking to animals. On the drive over, she waved quite earnestly at a dog in a truck and was offended he didn’t wave back. She tried again later in the day and luckily this time she was able to discern between dog and human and got a firefighter to wave back. For those of you keeping track, we’re 2 for 4 for spotting firefighters at breweries. This behavior continued the rest of the afternoon, as she communicated with 2 spiders, a very dirty cat that was missing patches of fur and a bird that clearly had a beak too big for its body. See pictures below.

Talking to her new friend, a spiderShe was like a really drunk Disney Princess


We decided to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. As you can see, the scenery was riveting.

This made us miss rooftop patios

As we went to sit down, the man at the next table looked over at us.

“Weren’t you guys just at Avery? Are you stalking us?” he joked.

Although this does seem like something we would do, normally Lisa and I keep our stalking limited to “online investigative journalism” or to attractive men who have money.

We informed him that we weren’t, but proceeded to have a delightful conversation with him and his wife. We even convinced them to take an Honorary Boob picture.

Because apparently we can’t go anywhere without eating, we ordered the ballpark pretzels and also the flaming cheese.

Soon we’re going to have to rename the blog “Boob’s, Breweries, and Double Chins"

We ordered the sampler which consisted of 8 beers, plus we added on a seasonal sampler which actually changes about every month.

"Remember that time we had 17 beers at Avery? Me too. I miss that"

Onto the beer reviews.

If this post seems mildly indifferent and not as sparkling as usual, that’s because that’s how I would describe Walnut Brewery and its beers. They’re nice, but they’re not great. The food was decent, the beer was decent, the scenery was decent. This brewery is riding on the fact that they’re pretty much in the heart of Boulder.

As we sampled the beers and became more and more dissatisfied, Megan insisted that she’d enjoyed the beers here before. “A lot of times, I get combinations of two beers.” This was a serious tip-off that we were in for an unenjoyable series of beer.

We decided to do that with our last two samplers. It didn’t help. We all agreed that a beer should be good enough to stand on its own, and overall, none of the beers at Walnut Brewery were able to do that. The good news is the sampler was very cheap, with each 4 oz. beer costing less that $1. The bad news is that none of the beers excited us. At all. Had we been on a date with these beers none of us would have heard word he said but assumed he was an accountant and obviously have no personal interests, goals, or friends. While we would recommend Walnut as a slightly nicer place to go in Boulder, go for the food. Don’t go for the beer.

Then we all got kind of tired.

Now, for the beers.

Seasonal Wheat- This beer tasted really similar to the white rascal. It had a very fruity aftertaste, which seemed to taste strongly like bananas and fructose.

Megan: “If diabetes was a beer. This would be it.”

2 boobs

Buffalo Gold – This is the basic beer at Walnut. It was good, but very non-descript. This is their version of Coors. It’s just kind of there.

(This was the point that Lisa started talking to birds.)

"Did you see him hop? Did you see how big his beak was compared to his body?"

Indian Pale Ale- Again, this was a very general beer (do you notice a theme for this post yet?)

“This beer is the equivalent of that really nice guy your friend sets you up with. He’s nice and you go out with him a few times to appease everyone, but then you tell him you’re not looking for a relationship. This beer is missing the zsa-zsa-zu.”

2 boobs

James Red Ale- Okay, this review is just becoming sad. I didn’t even bother to write anything in my notes for this one. That’s how boring it was.

Julia: “I just spilled it on myself.”
Lisa: “You should’ve expected that.”

2 boobs

Big Horn Bitter- This was a not-so-bitter bitter beer.

Megan and Julia – 1 Boob
Lisa – 2 Boobs

Old Elk Brown Ale– This one tasted like Reverend Bathtub at Avery. Which means that it wasn’t flavorful as you drank it, then tasted like dishwater after.

2 Boob

Devil’s Thumb- – Again, we actually had nothing to say and at this point were considering not drinking any of the rest of the beer.

1 Boob

White Pelican Pilsner – Worst pilsner ever.

1 Boob

No one had a favorite. No one could even really come up with a Top 3 list.

Walnut Brewery=Meh.

Beer with a Personality (and a really dirty mind) AVERY BREWERY, BOULDER

25 Jun

I knew the day was off to a good start for two reasons, before the tours even began.

  1. I went to kickboxing at my gym in the morning so that I could justify drinking the rest of the day.
  2. Lisa managed to get ready in 12 minutes flat because of a previous late night of drinking, and we were speeding down the highway going 20 mph over so that we make it to the 2 PM tour at Avery Brewery.

Avery is a brewing company located in Boulder. They’ve been there for over 15 years and are run by a father and son. According to our tour guide, the younger Avery was suffering from a quarterlife crisis and convinced his dad to invest in a brewery instead of retiring. It worked out well, as all of the Avery Beers had unique flavors (even if we didn’t like all of them) and an awesome tour and tasting room.

Phil, our tour guide took us around to the vats that hold the barley. Apparently, they gypsy-trick the barley into thinking that it’s going to grow into real plants, which give them better barley for the beer.

We nodded knowingly. We've all been there. Like when a boy gypsy-tricks you into sleeping with him.

*(Along with not using fancy beer terminology to describe the beers, don’t expect us to give you detailed explanations of the tours. We aren’t going to tell you every time how beer is made. We also are bad at remembering statistics and numbers. And finally, Julia has a hard time walking and writing. This particular tour had a requirement for each person to have a beer in hand so that made just paying attention difficult.)

Phil also showed us the container where they dump all of the hops and yeast and everything after it’s not useful. Apparently, farmers collect it from them and feed it to their cows which was noted that it “relaxes” the cows. He also said that when it snows or rain, it all mixes and makes some sort of swill beer.

We nodded knowingly. This container is like the whore girl who sleeps with everyone. See: Sperm Dumpster.

He then took us to the brewing area where they make the beer. It’s really hard to lift the ingredients into the vats, so they have a pulley system they use that dips the ingredients into the water and yeast. They referred to this as teabagging. We snickered. We liked this brewery. They’re dirty.

Phil took us to their bottling room and explained the process. It’s relatively boring but the key take-away was clean bottles are important and you can’t let oxygen touch the beer in the bottling process because it will turn into soggy cardboard. A noteworthy detail was that Avery beers can be distinguished from other beers by the fact that they have a gold foil that goes over the top of the cap and when other breweries try to do it the outcome is “cute” but not successful.

This is why I started taking secret pictures, along with this gem of the saddest tattoo ever. My flash went off, and I almost got caught. But it was worth it.

How he had a girlfriend is beyond us. What are those? Sad people in a city? That will be there FOREVER.

As we walked into the bottling room, Lisa poked me and pointed out this.

That's a small plastic Ron Jeremy sucking his own penis, in case you were wondering.

 We later found out they call their packing machine Ron Jeremy (Get it? Get it? I told you, this brewery is AWESOME).

The tour ended in the Crew Room. They have all kinds of barrels from all over the world and with all different flavors that they use to age some of their beers and create whole new ones.

Secret picture of Phil, our awesome tour guide. And the barrels.

They have a guy who breeds his own bacteria. Before entering this room we had to make a pit stop back at the tap room so people could get more beer since having an empty cup at any point during this tour was cause for harrasment.

This seems like the beginning of a horror/sci fi film. One that I would like to see.

And so ended the beer tour as Lisa leaned over to me to whisper, “I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Let’s go drink.”

With this disturbing bit of information, we decided to call in reinforcement boobs. Seeing as I usually get drunk off of one beer and Lisa was struggling to rally (although she did a beautiful job of it).

Thanks to Megan for being our guest boob for the week. Your beer reviews were thought-provoking and spot-on (except for the beef jerky one). You’re welcome anytime to join us again.

Megan, your beer is missing an orange.

We were only able to order 15 beers (they have restrictions for how many each person is

allowed to have), but it was a pretty sizeable task. Luckily we had already tried out 2 of them from the tour so in the end all but the specialty, seasonal ones were tasted and rated.

We also ordered slices of tomato and basil pizza, which were delicious and a key role in the rallying efforts to get through the whole platter of beers.

Because we eat everywhere we go

Final thoughts-  Avery was the best one so far (probably not saying much as we’ve only done one actual tour and been to four breweries). The tour was informative, relaxed and fun. All of the people around us were very friendly. We actually learned something about beer (granted, we forgot it later, but still).

The most interesting thing that I gleaned from the tour was what Phil said about their beer.

“Every brewer makes beer the same way. The ingredients and the process doesn’t change. What makes beers different is the personality of the brewers who make them. Here at Avery, we are all a bunch of really athletic and competitive people, and this shows up in our beers. We are always pushing each other to go to the extremes- whether it be a certain taste, or a higher alcohol content, we are always challenging each other to be the best.”

Now, for the beers.

Joe’s Premium American Pilsner- This was the basic beer. It was good, but not very flavorful. (this seems to be a reoccurring trend at each brewery).

Megan: “It’s like mild Mexican food. You expect it to have more of a kick or a taste, but it’s just lacking.”

2 boobs

14er ESB


Lisa: “There’s trash in this”

“That’s a bubble”
( I was clearly still drunk from the night before at this point seeing as how we were only on our second beer – Lisa)

2 boobs

Ellie’s Brown Ale- This was a really nice darker ale. It had a sweeter chocolate flavor.

Megan: “Does this taste like beef jerky to anyone else?…Wait, no, I think it’s buffalo jerky.”


Out of Bounds Stout- This is your basic stout. It’s more bitter and richer flavored than the Brown Ale, but still has a similar taste.

3 boobs

Ball Smack!! Baltic Porter- we figured that since it had exclamation points in its name, it had to be good. And we weren’t really let down. It did kind of give us coffee breath afterwards, but was a good porter.

Megan: ”Do you think it’s called Ballsmack because it’s a hoppy beer? And your balls would smack while hopping around?”

(Get drunk. Then that quote will make more sense.)

3 boobs

India’s Pale Ale- This is the Avery beer that is usually on tap at other places. It looks just like sparkling cider, with a golden, bubbly appearance. You feel classy just looking at it.

“It’s solid.”

4 boobs

Dry Hopped IPA- This is similar to the pale ale, but not as good. It takes an extra swallow to get it down.

3 boobs

15th Anniversary- this beer tastes like your grandmother’s perfume. It’s sweet and flowery. This beer is made with hibiscus, white pepper and fig, which is a unique combination. There is almost too much going on with this beer, and so our rating was split.

J and M- 3 boobs

L- 1 boob

Salvation Belgian Style Golden Ale- It tasted like apricot, which is good, because that’s what’s in it.

3 boobs

Reverend Belgian Style Quadruple Ale- this had the highest alcohol content at 10%. The aftertaste was like stale dishwater, as if fresh dishwater would be any better.

1 boob

“We will call this one Reverend Bathwater from here on forward.”

Hog Heaven Barley Wine Style Ale- Very malty.

Julia: “The glass just stuck to my teeth! I don’t know if that’s the beer or their poor washing abilities, but its affecting my thoughts on the beer.”

2 boobs

17th Anniversary- It smells like sugar and tastes like trees.

3 boobs

Maharia Imperial India Pale Ale- flavorful aftertaste.

3 boobs

Karma- It’s a good beer, until it gets warm. Then it’s a terrible beer.

3 boobs (when cold)

1 boob (when warm)

White Rascal- Wheatiest of the wheat. Pretty good.

3 boobs

Boobs on the Road (Brewery Schedule)

25 Jun

So after a wasting a humiliating amount of time trying to figure our how to integrate a Google Calendar into WordPress I’ve conceded that its impossible. Here’s the tentative schedule of which breweries we’ll be visiting this summer.

If you’re thinking of asking one of us to dinner, don’t bother. But, if you’re thinking of asking BOTH of us to dinner we suggest taking us to one of these places that aren’t scheduled but are on the list of breweries to be visited.

Breweries Yet to be Scheduled

Flying Dog

Vine Street Pub
Bull and Bush
Cheeky Monk
Pints Pub
Mountain Sun

May 15
Oskar Blues

June 17

June 19

Avery Brewery

Walnut Brewery

June 26

Golden City Brewery (rained out)

July 3 and 4
Wynkoop (still need to do a brewery tour)
Great Divide

July 9
New Belgium
Fort Collins Brewery

July 17 and 18
Breckenridge Beer Fest!!!!
Breckenridge Brewery
Dillon Dam
Backcountry Brewery

July 22
Strange Brewing Company

July 24
Wynkoop Tour

July 31/Aug 1
Left Hand

August 8
Estes Park
Twisted Pine

August 14
Anheiser Bush
Odell’s Brewery

August 21
Del Norte
Dry Dock

August 28

September 18
Great American Beer Festival

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